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 Looking for, identifying and attracting talent was always our core business. Two decades of work, hundreds of projects in all industries, satisfied returning clients and a valuable network of contacts with both seasoned managers and emerging talent - this all works to the benefit of our customers. We have been always focused on competencies - in fact we have built our entire business around them. Our experience in competency consulting translates into successful recruiting.  


competency frameworks

 Whether you are hiring, assessing performance, planning succession or looking to identify high potentials in your organisation, you need tools based on relevant competencies. Granted, „hard” performance indicators can be measured quickly and reliably, but, as a well known disclaimer states, „past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results”. A business that strives to attract, develop and keep the right talent (and that would be virtually every business), needs a proper competency framework. Competencies tailored to an organisation’s business, strategy and values are the backbone of its HR. 

Conceptually, competencies underlie the main HR functions - their assessment is one of the most important source of data which feeds virtually all HR systems. Combined with „hard” KPIs they allow to build a „what/how” matrix, which is an indispensable tool in talent management and succession planning. Competencies are the ultimate measure of potential, not only of past performance.
Competencies change over time and the whole framework needs to be adjusted. Depending on external factors, such as changes in the competitive environment, technology disruptions and market shifts, certain competencies may gain or lose importance or even become obsolete altogether. New competencies may be added to the framework. 
Thanks to our years of work on competencies in various industries, we offer a wealth of expertise that our clients can always call upon. We help design and deploy competence-based systems.


360 degree feedback

 One of the most popular tools used to gauge competences, the 360 degree feedback is not only proven and robust but also surprisingly versatile. While its principal application is to assess individuals, it can also measure cooperation and communication between and efficiency and alignment of organisational units, from functional departments to whole business and/or sites.
A properly executed 360 degree feedback process produces very valuable data, which - in an integrated framework - constitute the input of analytical tools applied in succession planning, talent development and culture shaping.
We have been designing and implementing 360 degree feedback tools for over a decade. Unilever is using our tool globally for chosen work-levels. And since we are never satisfied with the status quo, we have embarked on a new, integrated online system.
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assessment center

 Much more complex than a 360 degree feedback, an assessment center uses multiple inputs to produce a comprehensive behavioural evaluation of skills and competences. It requires the participation of a team of competent and trained assessors and is more time and effort consuming than a 360 degree feedback. An assessment center is a very popular tool in recruiting, and understandibly so, because it allows the recruiter to differentiate between seemingly similar candidates. It is also being increasingly used to determine development needs of management and high potentials. As such, it has become  an essential part of the toolkit used to manage talent.
Whatever the application, an assessment/development center must have a proven and robust design and be meticulously planned and conducted by experienced assessors. Our team consists of psycholoigists who have unparalleled experience having worked for clients in all major industries. 


change management

 Change is a great challenge. Most people are afraid of it - they fear that their situation will worsen, they loath risks, ignoring opportunities. Consequently, they often resist, even if not openly. Such an attitude can jeopardize crucial projects and processes, and since change is vital to a company’s success, this poses a substantial risk that must be mitigated.
Change management requires working with people’s emotions like stress and anxiety. Our consultants are trained psychologists, some of them have clinical experience. They will help turn negative feelings into positive energy.



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