Our affiliate company, dk Human Resources, has introduced a suite of state of the art online applications for HR departments 


Our tools focus on employee engagement, communication and competencies.  They are simple, easy to use and they quickly deliver actionable data.


That is why we have named the suite...

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360° feedback is a robust and popular tool to gauge managerial competences. Known and used at some point by virtually every HRM out there.

Statistics: 360° feedback is used by 90% ofmedium sized and large companies exclusively for competency development.

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A powerful feedback tool which puts control into the hands of employees who decide when and how to use it. 

We have given it an important twist - feedback can be linked to competences and solicited in a 360° mode. 

Statistics: 60% of employees would like to receive feedback even on a daily basis.

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Employee engagement is too important to measure once or twice a year. We have made the process constant with our pulse survey. One question a week (answered in no time) and HRMs are always in the picture.  

Statistics: Organizations with high employee engagement outperform those with low employee engagement by 202%



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