Advanced Analytics Lead

Loyalty Partner Polska


Loyalty Partner is one of the leading international providers of loyalty management solutions, operates multi-partner programmes and supplies its clients with performance marketing solutions through PAYBACK. Loyalty Partner has a workforce of around 1200 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with subsidiaries in Poland, India, Italy, Mexico and Austria.

• At the beginning of 2011 the global business of the PAYBACK Programme was taken over by a financial giant, American Express which resulted in a rapid development in countries where it operates.

• The online world of PAYBACK offers a wide range of benefits for end consumers and companies alike. With 680 partners, online shoppers are spoilt for choice. They can even shop in small shops catering to niche markets and still collect PAYBACK points. In addition, companies benefit from the platform's attractive coverage with a multi-layered, purchase-oriented target group. This has helped become one of Germany's largest online shopping platforms.

• PAYBACK has more than 31 million active customers and the PAYBACK app has 10 million active app users. As a result, the programme is the largest multichannel-communications platform in Germany. In this way, PAYBACK partners win new customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers. Using PAYBACK as an innovative communication platform also helps partner companies generate demonstrable additional revenue.

• The PAYBACK online world is transparent, trustworthy and offers a range of terms and conditions that are dependent on success. High sales with few returns ensure above-average performance. Promotional messages are managed in a comprehensive portfolio of categories and brands. True to the motto “One Face to the Customer”, PAYBACK offers expert advice and optimum service from a single source.

• For its millions of active users, PAYBACK offers value in giving wide choices in where to redeem rewards. Partners can take advantage of a sophisticated multichannel marketing system to create offers that build loyalty with new and existing customers.

• The main conduit for customers are PAYBACK mobile and web applications. These serve as the main hub for reward redemption and allow partners showcase offers that may be the beginning of a new customer relationship.

• The chief focus of the highly individualised customer management solutions is maximum customer orientation. Using this basis, all operational and communicative activities can be tailored precisely to the needs of customers. This increases customer satisfaction and the company's profitability in the long term.

• PAYBACK concentrates on retail, travel & transportation sectors. Globally the organisation has 83 million users in 11 countries.

PAYBACK in Poland

• PAYBACK is the first and biggest multi-partner Bonus Programme in Poland whose participants can collect points while doing shopping in a number of popular sales points, both high-street shops and online.

• Poland was the first international market targeted by PAYBACK; the program was launched in September 2009 and it has been operating successfully ever since.

• One of PAYBACK’s powers lies with analytics. The company’s most recent development embraces creating a Center of Excellence based in Poland focused on both data and technology; serving as a global hub, it will aid bolstering the business as well as advancing its further growth on a worldwide scale.

• Thanks to the scale of operations and Big & Smart Data tools, PAYBACK effectively helps companies to strengthen their position on the market. Company’s expertise in gathering and processing in-depth data on shopping habits allows for personalizing communications and increasing customer engagement.

• Members of PAYBACK Program have access to over 2,000 traditional sales points and around 250 online shops where they can collect points and use them in various ways:

− redeeming for purchases – 6,1 billion used in 2019

− redeeming for rewards – over 2 million rewards given out

− redeeming for Miles & More miles,

− donating to charity programs.

• PAYBACK partners include large retail chains, service companies and the leading e-commerce platforms.

• Only in 2020, the number of transactions in which Program members collected and used PAYBACK points reached over 120 million and the incentivised turnover exceeded PLN 16 billion.

• PAYBACK points are actively collected by 8.4 million people using plastic cards and a modern IT application. Consumers are rewarded with extra joy from shopping and experiences with various brands, while PAYBACK’s partners are supported in achieving sales goals by building long-term relationships with their clients.

• The structure of the programme and the fact that PAYBACK operates online allow for reaching more consumers, getting to know their needs and purchasing habits, and - at the same time - making it possible to smoothly communicate with them thus stimulating the sales in the partner companies. The PAYBACK partners can benefit from diverse services portfolio such as sales support and promotional programmes, dedicated loyalty programmes as well as business consulting and customer analysis services.

• PAYBACK and its business partner Tradedoubler are also helping their affiliates in times of the current pandemic by, among other, maintaining a dedicated #ZAPPunktujwdomu (#scoreathome) section with up-to-date information on initiatives and promotions at selected online shops.

THE POSITION - Advanced Analytics Lead


  • P&L management of the region

  • Represent the company and the brand in the assigned region and define and implement a strong growth strategy

  • Analyse sales plans and targets set by head office and management, derive plans for assigned sales territory and agree annual sales targets. Ensuring the implementation of the agreed sales targets

  • Determine the sales strategy and tactics for each product category based on agreed sales targets, including the plan for entering new regions, launching new products and defining marketing campaigns

  • Agree on pricing for all product categories, taking into account regional competition and market demand. Ensuring compliance with the agreed prices

The position in the company’s organisation structure

• Reporting to: Global VP Data

• Subordinate team: 12 analysts


Professional experience:

  • Substantial experience in analysing large datasets.

  • Very good knowledge of at least one of SAS tools and 4GL or Oracle programming languages as well as SQL.

  • Experience and advanced knowledge of statistical modelling methods.

  • Programming and / or IT systems implementation background.

  • Knowledge of R, bash as an additional asset.

  • Experience in managing and developing teams.


Personal skills and attributes:

  • A high level of analytical competence and ability to look for key data points.

  • Creativity and independence in search of analytical solutions to business

  • problems.

  • Ability to perform under pressure and to organize work effectively.

  • Effective communication skills: proficient, impactful, sensitive and

  • persuasive presentation abilities in a range of related settings.

  • A high level of professional competence, integrity with strong team spirit.

  • An action oriented, decisive expert with a “roll up the sleeves” attitude, who can assess market conditions, anticipate trends, explore opportunities and develop relevant solutions.

  • Strong business acumen.

  • Flexibility and open mind, deep commitment and energy, outgoing personality.

  • Ability to think strategically and see the big picture whilst keeping attention to details (zoom in and zoom out).

  • An open-minded individual with high level of learning agility.

  • Strong internal motivation.

  • Ability to actively listen, seek information and ask questions to ensure the understanding of underlying concerns of other.

  • High-level influencing skills.

  • Ability to set clear direction with specific goals and deliverables.

  • High energy level and necessary robustness to deliver results.

  • Pro-activity, can-do attitude and dynamism.


  • Bachelor‘s degree or higher degree preferred in field of Data Science, Econometrics, Statistics, Computer Science or similar.


  • Proficiency in English

Remuneration package:

  • Salary according to market standards: base + bonus scheme.

  • Benefits: company car, medical care.

Location: Warsaw